Charter  25,000Y  4-6 hours    (button)

Bill’s Little Informal Sailboat School is a small American-owned
business specializing in teaching sailing and boat license
preparations. Our offices are near Shin Nishinomiya Yacht Harbor,
Osaka, Japan, where I base my yacht.

I’m an ASA certified instructor sailing a 35 year old Japanese built
sloop – she is slow and stable.  We are not in a hurry.  “Cloud 9”
meets both U.S. and Japanese regulations for sailing craft.

Chartering in Japan is near impossible, as a skipper of a Japanese
registered boat must have a Japan Boat Operator’s Permit to pilot a
boat. Thus, the best BLISS can do is provide you a permitted captain,
for a sail in the harbor waters near the marina. You are, however,
able to operate the boat with the captain’s presence. Osaka Wan is
about 20 miles long and 12 miles wide. It is industrial. And there is
considerable shipping traffic, and fishing fleets ply the waters. Add
to this several university sailing clubs practicing their racing
skills, wind surfers zipping across the water, and power yachts moving
to and fro — it can be an active place! Submarines have cruised by and
we’ve observed Japan Defense Air Force seaplanes land and take off.

A typical Charter may cover between 10 and 15 nautical miles.

In 2014, I hosted sailors from Belgium, Indonesia, Singapore, Greece,
Germany, Pakistan, Canada and the U.S.

Our policy is to provide the best day sailing for one agreed-on price.
We can include transportation to and from nearby train stations to the boat, if necessary.

Come join us for a taste of the wind and sea!

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