The ASA “Challenge”

SONY DSCIf you are an old salt and you decide you want your ASA tickets, you don’t need to sit through the classes. You can challenge the Standards. Contact Bliss and make arrangements to sit for the written and demonstrate your sailing skills and you are in. ASA rules require to must take the course exams in order, you cannot take 103 without taking 101 first. You can challenge Basic Keelboat(ASA101), Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103), Coastal Navigation (ASA105) and Bare Boat Charter (ASA104). (Bare Boat Charter requires a copy of your sailing log). The fees for a challenge are reduced as there will be no lessons involved.

Why would you do this? Well the ASA certificate will help establish formal recognition of your skills that may be helpful in chartering boats. And, the certificate is required to become an ASA instructor…

Send me an email and let’s get this done!

ASA requires all challengers to challenge the Standards in order – i.e. 101, 103, then 104. Challengers are not allowed to skip levels…

Tuition: 20,000Y per level


P.S. When you have finished these three courses you may want to secure your ASA

International Proficiency certificate from ASA.

International Proficiency Certificate (Quote from ASA)

European / Mediterranean Chartering Certificates

ASA is proud to offer the first International Proficiency sailing certificate available in the United States.

This certificate is useful when chartering in European / Mediterranean waters. It serves as proof of bareboat charter  competency for Mediterranean chartering companies, many of whom require the proficiency information displayed in a different format than the ASA Log Book.

Is the certificate required for chartering? If so, where?

Kiriakoulis Charters accepts this certificate throughout their 300+ location charter network in the Mediterranean (Greece, Italy, Croatia, France, Turkey and the Caribbean) as adequate proof of bareboat skipper proficiency. This document is not required per se by government agencies in these countries, but greatly helps in streamlining the paperwork. As countries differ in their requirements, travelers should always check with their destination prior to attempting to charter.