Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103)





Basic Keel Boat Sailing Certificate


Where your 101 certificate will be fine for day sailing close to the marina, Basic Coastal Cruising will show you how to cruise to other nearby marinas. You will sail in semi open local and regional waters as both skipper and crew. You’ll learn to operate an auxiliary engine properly to help you dock your vessel. There will be some more advanced sailing techniques and crew overboard drills. You will learn more about your boat including how to handle basic emergencies.

coastalThe average time for the course is 4 days or 2 weekends and we have optional practice days.

Okay, you’ve got the basics, now your ready to venture further from home. We’ll spend the first morning turning Cloud 9 inside out. We’ll discover all the little check out items that are required before we start the engine. We’ll examine many parts of the boat in more detail and consider what we can do if certain things fail us on the water. And we will start learning how to read charts. After lunch we’ll learn more about motoring the boat and moving around the marina: docking in slips and at piers.
The second day will be on the water. First we’ll review 101 and crew overboard and expand our skills. Following that we’ll add some new tricks to our sailing bag: reefing, taking bearings, and heave to. Your homework will be plotting the course for your first short passage.
On day three our goal is to make that passage you planned. On the way we will take some bearing, correct our chart, observe aides to navigation and analyze the rules of the road presented on our voyage. Sailing to another port requires some navigation skills:
  • sailing a compass course
  • using charts to plot a course
  • more advanced rules of the road.

On the fourth day we will drop the hook and play with driving the boat under power.

Then we can take the exam and have a cup of coffee.

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