ASA Training

Docking Endorsement (ASA 118)

Prerequisites: none Old Salts say you are only as good as your last docking. Most damage is done in and around the marinas – not some adventurous  battle with wind and wave. Start learning to dock like a salt in just 2 days. There are a few important tricks we can show you to be […]

Basic Keelboat Sailing 1 (ASA 101)

Tuition: 47,000Y                              (button) Prerequisites: No sailing experience required. Description: The Basic Keelboat certification course is an introduction to sailing. This course runs from about 10 to 3:30 for 3 days. Additional time for self directed course work is expected. This class includes […]

Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103)

Tuition: 52,000Y Prerequisite: Basic Keel Boat Sailing Certificate Description: Where your 101 certificate will be fine for day sailing close to the marina, Basic Coastal Cruising will show you how to cruise to other nearby marinas. You will sail in semi open local and regional waters as both skipper and crew. You’ll learn to operate […]

Coastal Navigation (ASA 105)

This classroom based course teaches navigation by chart using navigational tools and publications. Course Topics: Reading nautical charts, and symbols. Dead reckoning navigation. Bearings and fixes, correcting your course for current and leeway. Fog navigation and GPS practice. Prerequisites: none. Course Schedule: Arranged. Email for scheduling and availability: FAQ Q: How can I prepare […]

The ASA “Challenge"

If you are an old salt and you decide you want your ASA tickets, you don’t need to sit through the classes. You can challenge the Standards. Contact Bliss and make arrangements to sit for the written and demonstrate your sailing skills and you are in. ASA rules require to must take the course exams […]


Charter Tuition 25,000Y 4-6 hours Bill’s Little Informal Sailboat School is a small American-owned business specializing in teaching sailing and boat license reparations. Our offices are near Shin Nishinomiya Yacht Harbor, Osaka, Japan, where I base my yacht. I’m an ASA certified instructor sailing a 35 year old Japanese built sloop – she is slow […]

Additional Courses and Videos

    American Sailing Association’s free online sailing course:   Welcome to Your First Sail, the American Sailing Association’s short, fun, online learn to sail eCourse designed to familiarize you with the world of sailing, one that some see as a sport and others choose as a lifestyle. The course is fully self-contained. You can […]