Ace your 101

Here is a new resource for you if you will study for Basic Keelboat certification! This is a series of 18 power point presentations which will address all of the American Sailing Association’s Standards for the knowledge portion of the 101 Basic Keelboat certification. This course can be used in at least three ways: Preview your work with the approved textbook, Review your Knowledge Standards prior to your exam, or Learn the important points every sailor need to knowm regardless of taking formal lessons.. If you are an experienced sailor, this course will help you focus your resources to challenge the 101 certificate. 

Ace Your 101, Basic Keelboat Written Sailing Exam…/…


Captain Edson has developed and tested the basic content for the course over the past five years, at least. The information presented is founded on the American Sailing Association’s Standards for the Basic Keelboat certificate. He created all of the graphics and photos for the course. Instructors using this teaching aide will cut their “lecture” time.

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