This is the place where Bliss can brag and, in the process, give you some food for thought as you contemplate lessons.

  1. We are one of several schools offering sailing courses in Japan. Bliss is ASA certified and uses English exclusively. The Yokosuka U.S. Navy base offers ASA courses for the military. Aoki Sailing School and primarily Japanese. Tokyo Sail and Power offers courses from the United States Power Squadron.
  2. Bliss is not a corporate school. We do not rent or sell boats. We do not support a sailing club or organize races. We teach the fundamentals of sailing. All of the fees from customers go to supporting Cloud 9 – mooring fees. maintenance, improvements and replacements.
  3. After 11 years of experience, we have come to the reality that we are more like personal coaches. instruction is mainly one to one or one to two.
  4. We are not restricted to a strict time schedule or standardized lesson plan. Weekend courses are two days. (Two day schedules are becoming standard in many schools.) You have more time to enjoy and become confident.
  5. Weekday classes are flexibly scheduled to meet your calendar. They may be once a week or four consecutive days – your schedule. We, you and I, will keep at a task until you are confident.
  6. Your learning platform, Cloud 9, is owned and maintained by the skipper. It is not a fleet boat that is minimally equipped. You will learn on a working boat.
  7. Your course will not end Sunday afternoon at 4 p.m. Bill owns the franchise and his motivation is for you to become a good sailor. That will happen when you start to enjoy what you are doing – when you do what to do. If that means another day, okay.
  8. From corporate ASA, there is no prerequisite to ASA 101 Basic Keel Boat. Bliss does not require any prerequisite.
  9. Sailing keel boats with engines in Japan requires the skipper to have a Japanese Small Boat Operator’s Permit. Bliss is one of four sources for learning materials to help you prepare for this exam. Your 101 tuition gives you access to the Juku materials free of charge.
  10. In a group class, your time at the tiller will be shared by other members. On Cloud 9 you are always on task – 90% of the time.

Footnote: You are permitted, indeed encouraged, to tip your instructor…