Owner/Founder Captain Bill Payne started sailing his home built 8’ pram in 1964. In the following almost 50 years he moved through various day sailors and into pocket cruisers. Ten years ago he started keelboat sailing and his most recent sailboat is 27’ Splendor built some 35 years ago. His schooling, for the first 35 […]


The American Sailing Association is the world’s foremost organization dedicated to training, teaching and certifying schools, sailing instructors and sailing enthusiasts. When you join the American Sailing Association, or work with an ASA certified sailing school, you learn how to sail from professionals to get the most rigorous, safety-first education and the best sailing instruction […]


This is the place where Bliss can brag and, in the process, give you some food for thought as you contemplate lessons. We are one of several schools offering sailing courses in Japan. Bliss is ASA certified and uses English exclusively. The Yokosuka U.S. Navy base offers ASA courses for the military. Aoki Sailing School […]

A Lifetime of Boats

USS Benner DDR 807 1978 Truthfully, I didn’t actually sail the USS Benner. In fact, King Neptune’s court, when we crossed the Equator, summoned me to appear for impersonating a sailor and carrying a bucket on watch… Here are the boats Captain Bill has sailed during his career: Homebuilt Pram – circa 1962 Minifish – circa […]

Bank Information

Please read the Cancellation Policy! Bank Transfer payment to: Senshu Ikeda Bank 池田泉州銀行 Sone Branch 曽根支店 Account number 7172 口座番号 7172 Futsu 普通 Bliss William Ralph Payne Bliss William Ralph Payne Your dates will be confirmed when you have deposited at least 50% of the course fee.   What a Guarantee! Bliss “Guarantees” your Basic Keelboat […]

Juku Bonus!

As a graduate of BLISS’ 101 Basic Keel Boat course from ASA, you are entitled to access the BLISS Juku materials to study for the next JMRA 2 Kyu session. This is a Y25,000 value! Six weeks to a month before the next exam, email Bliss that you are ready to start your study and […]