Splendor 27 circa 2003You want to learn to sail in Japan?

We’re talking keel boats here, not dinghies. Dinghies are great fun, but they are also called wet boats – for a reason.

No, we’re talking keelboats – the kind you could sail someplace, cook your dinner, and sleep in overnight.  That’s YOUR adventure and a potentially new lifelong learning challenge. It is an adventure that could expand almost endlessly.

Where to start?

There are several ways to start your sailing adventure. Most people will take lessons, others will learn from crewing experiences.

Let’s focus on the first option:

  • Schools that offers lessons should base their instruction in the student’s safety. Bliss will.
  • Within this safety zone, instructors at Bliss look to individualize lessons to assure your experience will be easy and fun. We want you to leave that boat at the end of a lesson with improved skills and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Bliss is a very small school and you will probably be the only one in your class. That means you will have the full attending of your instructor and spend all your time actively learning how the boat works.

Next the boat:

  • Cloud 9 is a very stable, very forgiving sailboat. She is strong, well equipped and very well suited for learning the basics. She has seen many new sailors learn the skills.

Finally, the lessons:

  • The American Sailing Association has honed their instructional program for over 30 years – over 850,000 certificates have been issued. ASA just published maybe the finest learning textbook on the market today and they expand the text with videos. Our job as instructors is to make your textbook practical.

Check our course listing. Since we are not a big company, we offer more extensive instruction at less expensive prices and tailor the course to you rather than the other way.

Join us.